Rockfin is a world-leading global producer of auxiliary equipment for conventional gas and steam power plants as well as nuclear power plants.
Cooperating with the largest technology suppliers for the power sector, we produce equipment used in power units and auxiliary installations as: generator cooling and sealing systems, fuel and lubrication systems dedicated to gas and steam turbines, compressor modules and reciprocating engine oil systems, exhaust stream control systems and others.
We are proud that for over 22 years we have participatedin the construction and modernisation of hundreds of power plants around the world...

and the systems we have provided are successfully working in power plants and installations from Mexico to China and from South Africa to Canada.


Gas Turbine
Over the past 22 years, Rockfin has manufactured more than a thousand auxiliary systems for global energy companies. One of the biggest successes has been the delivery of a turbine lubrication system for the Bouchain project in France, which was designed, manufactured, assembled and tested by Rockfin and the entire turbine set was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. Rockfin has the capability to carry out factory testing of 50 and 60 Hz power supply units.
Combined Lube & Jacking Unit
Water Injection Skid
Fuel Oil System
Steam Turbine
Rockfin has delivered auxiliary modules for steam turbines in various sizes and destinations – from waste to energy plants to gas & steam turbine combined systems. We are one of the few companies in the world which can make complete modules, even for the biggest assembled ones including functional tests.
Lube Oil System
Lube Oil Cooling & Filtration Skid
Steam & Jacking Oil System
Rockfin is able to manufacture, test and service the most complex and sensitive auxiliary systems for hydrogen and water-cooled generators in line with various world standards, including PED, ASME with or without U-STAMP or NB, DOSH, ATEX, NEMA, NEC etc.
Seal Oil System
Stator Water Cooling System
H2 Monitoring Station