As a manufacturer of equipment for the energy sector, we are familiar with Hydrogen-operating units since 1997. As this medium is being used as a cooling medium for large scaled Generators.
Hydrogen has now a new role in the current World – alternative future fuel for natural gas or other fossil.

Throughout the Company's years of operation, we have been consistently developing our portfolio in support of decarbonization and betting on the development of hydrogen as a fuel of the future.
Type of systems:
- Hydrogen generation auxiliary systems
- Hydrogen refuelling stations
- Hydrogen flow control units
- Part of system blending hydrogen with natural gas as a fuel for gas
Rockfin future opportunities:
- PTU demineralized water feed system for PEM electrolysers
- Hydrogen puryfing membrane units
Small H2 production on site by electrolysis „Green Box


H2 Generator by Electrolysis
Hydrogen Flow Control Unit
Hydrogen Blending Unit