We are constantly developing the portfolio of our products and devices that are used in the Rockfin's auxiliary systems. We have established R&D department which is involved in the design, manufacturing and testing of prototypes.

Our product range includes filters for removing impurities from oil, oil mist separators, water removal equipment for lubricating oils and 6-way switchover valves.
Each product can be modified and adapted to the needs of the customer and the end-user.


Run-down Tank
Pressure Vessel
Liquid Filters
Gas Separators & Coalescers
Oil Mist Separator with Side – Channel Blowers
Oil Mist Separtor with Centrifugal Fans
Changeover Filter Valve
Changeover Cooler Valve
Purification Unit for Steam Turbine Lube Oil System
Purification Unit for Gas Turbine Lube Oil System